Magic Magic in Winter Garten Variety
Right now we are in sunny Berlin!
We are performing it the prestigious Wintergarten Varieté for three months! The name of the show is 'Zauber Zauber' in English this means Magic Magic... The show was reviewed by the German press as 'the best show ever in Wintergarten!'

It's great to know that the famous Harry Houdini also performed at the first Wintergarten here in Berlin!

If you are in town come and visit the show!

MagicWave in Happy Valley
We love to be in China especially when it is called Happy Valley!
We are performing in a big TV show for CCTV. Lots of fun!

The Chinese crowd is fantastic!

We just returned from rainy but warm Singapore.
We had a great show on the beach, just how like it.
Next week we will be in cold, but maybe sunny Montreal.
See you soon, some where on this planet.

Jan and Jasper,


We just finished a show in Jinann, A big city next to Beijing.
We are now hanging out in Beijing, such a big city.
We performed for a comedy festival, similar to Just for laughs, but then the Chinese version.
We worked with a great team and soon you will see us all over the Chinese TV.
Thanks every body for the great time.

Jan and Jasper,

We just came back from the south of China.
We performed in ShenZhen, a big city next to Hong Kong.
We had great time and might come back in May.
Next stop Beijing.

Sunny greeting,

Jan and Jasper,

Hello Spain!
We will be performing on the 11th of November in Lugo, that's in the North of Spain.

So if you are around we hope to see you there.

P.S. the north of Spain is also a great place for surfing.
So enjoy,

Jan and Jasper,

From September 1st till October 1st MagicWave will be performing at Wintergarten in Stuttgart.
From October 2nd until October 8th MagicWave will be performing in Monte-Carlo at Magic Stars.

Hope to see you there.

Jan and Jasper,


World Champions of Magic 2006
Yes, it's finally time for the World Champions of Magic.
Once in the 3 years, just like the Olympics, there are the World Championships of Magic.
This time they will be in Stockholm, Sweden.
It's the biggest Magic event in the world and if you have some time you should see it.
MagicWave will be competing on August 4th.
Hope to see you there!

Jan and Jasper

USA Tour
We're just back from our one month tour through the US! It was totally awesome!! The first week we had 26 shows in the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. Last year we also performed for the Magic Castle but then at the Award Show on Hollywood Boulevard. It was great to be back. After this it was show time in Hemosa Beach! This is where the Comedy and Magic Club is located. The place where the biggest names of comedy are performing 'n MagicWave too. The first two weeks we surfed everyday. Surfing in the day, Magic at nite! We finsihed our tour in Las Vegas at The World's Greatest Magic Show. Wow we love Las Vegas!! Living the dream!

Yes where back from the sunny beach of Monaco.
Such a small town but such a big attitude.
Yes, it's a fun town and it's all about the money.
We will be back in October for the Magic Stars in Monaco.

See you soon,

Jan and jasper.

Secret show some where in Amsterdam.

This Wednesday MagicWave will perform a secret show some where in one of the big clubs in Amsterdam.
MagicWave can not tell you where the show will be.only on Wednesday we can.
If you want more information and like to see the show contact us and we might tell you.
Sounds exiting...?

Jan and Jasper

New Year 2006
MagicWave wishes you a happy, magical, funny, great, sunny, sweet, peaceful, wonderful, healthy, inspiring, creative, loving, amazing, beautiful, sexy, romantic, successful, the best New Year.

Jan & Jasper

MagicWave's new show!
Magic Wave is working on a new show.... a big show.
We are looking for new people in the show and we will start with auditions soon.
So if you are interested to work for MagicWave please contact us.

See you in the Future,

Jan and Jasper

MagicWave in Luxemburg
For all the MagicWave fans in Luxemburg, on the 22nd of October we are performing at an open event.
Just follow the posters or contact us for more details.
See you there,

Jan and Jasper

MagicWave for Charity!
On the 2nd of October MagicWave will perform @ Paradiso in their home town Amsterdam. On this day there is a big benefit festival for YIP (YOUNG IN PRISON), a charity working to help young people in prison in countries such as Afrika, Colombia and Surinam.
There is a great line up of artists, acts and DJ's. If you're around come 'n enjoy this event and help children in horrible situations! For more information contact us or check

See you in Paradiso Amsterdam!

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